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What is so appealing about slot machines?

Slot machines have been around for years and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon. But what exactly is it that attracts so many players from all over the world to play these games? Occasional gambler Marcel from The Hague, Holland seems to have the answer, “Gokkasten, as we like to call slot machines, offer a moment away from your busy everyday life during which you can let go of all your worries.” Sounds like a good explanation. After all, life is getting more stressful by the minute and more and more people are struggling with burn-outs every day.

Innocent fun might be the answer

When we start looking at some popular slot machines, or gokkasten, we start to understand the appeal. Take DJ Wïld from ELK Studios for example. There’s an intro video that takes you along in the luxurious life of a successful DJ that spins records around the world. This appeals to the new dream of this generation; becoming a world famous DJ. Just by seeing the footage, you can fantasize away and in the meantime you get a chance to win amazing prizes. This particular slot even offers you the option to use a betting strategy which allows you to just lay back, enjoy and only leave your day dream once you hit a win.

Many themes for all interests

But of course, not every player is the same and not everybody wants to be a DJ. That’s why there are gokkasten for every interest. There are a lot of games with sport themes, food themes, Viking themes, Leprechaun themes and much more. A provider called Fugaso has even made two slots to mock Donald Trump and some fellow leaders and a slot about a dog that likes to get high. So it doesn’t matter what floats your boat, you will always find a game to your liking. Even if you are literally into boats. Nothing is bad enough, as long as it is legal.

Different types of slots

Besides the themes there are also differences in types of games. A great example of a provider that created slots of different kinds is NetEnt. Most of the offer is made up of regular gokkasten, but it also offers alternative games. Take for example Aloha, this game doesn’t have the famous slot machine rolls, instead it works with clusters. Enough adjacent symbols of the same kind generate a win at this game. And then there is Gonzo’s Quest, this game works with blocks that explode, and automatically trigger a respin, when there`s a win. Completely other games, like Jammin Jars by Push Gaming work almost the same as the popular Candy Crush. Which enables more people to identify with the game and deem it innocent.

Other benefits

Besides the possibility to dream about another life, playing slot games can actually provide you with that life. With very low bets, you can earn serious profits on a lot of gokkasten. Especially if these are jackpot slots. The prizes of these games are often quite high. Not to mention the prizes on progressive jackpots. These are games with a prize pool that is built by all players of the game worldwide, no matter the casino that they are playing at. The prizes of these progressive slots often go into several millions. But on the flip side, as there are more players trying to win the prize, the odds of you winning are also lower. That’s why it’s best to stick to slots with lower wagers and lower prizes in the beginning. You can always take more risks after becoming more experienced.

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Gratis spins In Mega Fortune the Online Casino Game

Always wanted to be surrounded by the rich and the famous lifestyle? Trade online using interactive brokers or gamble at the best online betting sites india? Well, now is your chance! Meet the Mega Fortune online slot machine, which offers you three different jackpots! This is already such a nice feature, but what if we tell you this is a progressive jackpot as well? That’s the most fun part of this online casino game, isn’t it! Mega Fortune has been developed by NetEnt and is one of the most popular online slot machines which you can find on the internet. Almost every online casino offers this game and that is great news for players around the world. Are you looking forward to get really rich? Try out this amazing slot machine game and maybe you’ll hit the jackpot. Mega Fortune is very popular in Thailand! If you are looking for great casino bonuses to play Mega Fortune you should definitely visit a คาสิโนออนไลน์ไทย, which mean Thai online casino, they have great offers with a lot of value!

Characters and Theme
The theme is luxury, a rich lifestyle and a lot of money! Who doesn’t want to have that? The symbols that are used in this slot machine are based on luxury products only. You will see a limousine, drinking glasses, champagne bottles and even a super deluxe yacht. We must say, you will get really greedy by just seeing these items passing by every time. The music that is used is very nice as well, so we have to admit the developers did a very great job. Not everybody seems to be amused by background music, but this music is such a delight and is no distracting at all. We just love the theme of Mega Fortune so much!

Betting and Playing
Mega Fortune can be played by placing both high and low bettings. This is just perfect for everybody, since all players have different desires while playing. Discover the many options you’ll have while playing and you would be surprised by all the features this game contains. The goal is to access the bonus game, which is a little difficult; but definitely possible. Would you be interested in receiving more gratis spins while playing Mega Fortune? A lot of online casinos are offering gratis spins after registration, just take a look at some of the online casinos and choose the one you like!

Extra Special Bonuses
Well, it’s not really a bonus but definitely something we should mention: the progressive jackpot! Progressive means the jackpot will be the same in every online casino and players from around the world will increase the amount of the jackpot together. This is also the reason why the amount of the jackpot can go up so fast after winning. It is comparable with a shared value of all online casino players. In Mega Fortune there are three different jackpots; mini, midi and mega. If you are willing to win some real money, just immediately go for the mega jackpot. In this bonus game it is also possible to win some gratis spins!

Final Thoughts
It’s tempting to try the Mega Fortune Slot Machine, because the chance of winning is just too big. Not only is the jackpot a big part of the game excitement, also the gratis spins and other features are amazing. Mega Fortune is a game which you can play for hours and that is why we love it so much. Don’t forget to collect your gratis spins before playing it, it will increase your chance on winning!

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Magic Portals the Online Casino Game

Magic Portals is an online casino slot machine for magic lovers and fantasy nerds (like myself). In this game, you play as wizards taking on the forces of evil to create the eponymous magic portals and, well, win a bunch of money. The magic portal casino slot was the idea of previous head of development at Netent Mr. Jonas Eriksson which now operate the casino portal free spins no deposit no wager.

Characters and Theme

If you are at all versed in the types of fantasy tropes that frequent The Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons, you will feel right at home here. This slot uses gorgeous borders and backgrounds of high fantasy excitement, and the icons feature wizards, warlocks, witches, werewolves, dwarves, druids and other common elements of fantasy to make your role-playing dreams come alive in the form of a glorious slot.

Betting and Playing

Just as the theme suggests, the goal of the game is to create magic portals. This is accomplished by achieving winning combinations, which then create magic blasts that open up a magic portal for exciting extras. But more on that in a moment.

Magic Portals features 5 reels of 3 rows each, fairly standard for the modern video slot, and offers 25 fixed bet lines. Although you have to bet for all of the bet lines, you have a great control over how much you bet. Ten different levels of betting couple with five different coin values (starting at 0.01 and capping at 1.00) allow you to bet as little as a quarter and as much as $250 for some serious action. (Bets can also be placed using British pounds and the Euro.) As you might expect, a winning bet is achieved with any matching combination of at least three symbols.

Extra Special Bonuses

I told you I’d get to the magic portals in a moment, and that moment is now. Magic portals are just one of the special features of this game. The other specials are wild symbols and the bonus Free Spin mode. How do all of these different pieces come together?

Wild icons are formed whenever two matching symbols appear over a magic portal that has been created by a winning combination. As you might expect, these symbols can stand in for any other symbol in the game for a winning line, save the Free Spin symbol.

But what is the magic portal feature? Every time you have a winning combination, you create magic portals. Over time, these magic portals create wilds. These wild symbols, in turn, trigger the magic portal feature. (It really does sound like magic!) Any time wild symbols are created by two symbols of equal value, all other identical symbols across all five reels are transformed into wild symbols. That’s one wicked awesome spell!

Like many Netent casino slots, there is also a Free Spin round. Anytime two free spin symbols appear on (you guessed it) the Magic Portals, you activate the Free Spin mode and receive ten free spins. As an added bonus, each slot on the 5th reel is covered in magic portals, creating more opportunities for crazy magic effects. Since you can continue to earn free spins during your Free Spin mode, this can really chalk up to some amazing winnings.

Final Thoughts

Magic Portals is some of the most fun I have ever had playing a video slot. I love the theme, and the whole idea of magic portals creates a real strategic element to the game that I love. I’m not a high roller, so my bets are generally pretty modest, but that doesn’t stop me from having a lot of fun with this epic video slot and if I want to play another game, I always play live roulette or Blackjack.

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Lucky 8 Line the Casino Slot Machine

We’ve all heard of magic eight balls and seen the fluffy dice in the window. We know that the number eight is sometimes heralded as a magic charm or good luck. I take no subscription to this stock, but that doesn’t mean the number doesn’t hold some sway, especially for anyone looking for a lucky draw. After all, lucky draws are what slots are all about. So let’s see if this slot is as lucky as it portends.

Lucky Theme

The Lucky 8 Line resembles the old classic dutch casino slot machines named online slots, not only in the appearance of the virtual machine but also with the icons it employs: the classic fruits of strawberry and lemon, as well as melons, plums, lucky number 7s and bells. Anyone used to playing at an old slot machine in Nevada is going to feel right at home with this setup.

The appearance isn’t the only thing retro about this classic slot from Net Entertainment. Even the sounds are designed to be authentic, with all the classic noises and effects you’d expect from a machine in the early 90s. This is prime nostalgia country.

Betting and Playing Options

If you’re familiar at all with Netent, you know they specialize in providing a great diversity of accepted denominations, allowing you to bet as little or as much as you please. While you get to decide how much credit you want each coin to represent, you have to bet automatically on all of the playlines. Unlike some video slots, however, that feature up to 20 playlines, Lucky 8 keeps it simple with, well, eight paylines, meaning you don’t have to bet too much in order to win.

In addition to those eight paylines, Lucky 8 features nine different reels, and there is a lot of potential here to win some great cash, and that is never a bad thing. Because this is Net Ent, you can always choose between dollars, pounds and euros, which means that you can play almost anywhere.

Special Features

One of the things that stands out about Lucky 8 is that it’s actually really simple and down-to-earth. A lot of video slots today have a myriad of special features and bonuses which, while definitely exciting, can get a little confusing and even overwhelming at times. Lucky 8 keeps it simple and traditional, and in a way this is actually a really good thing, because it means you don’t have to jump through any hoops or earn a bunch of free spins just to earn some real cash. Having a large payout easily and readily accessible is a huge boon for Lucky 8, and it’s one of the things that keep people coming back. Not everyone wants to keep track of all those wild features, so if you prefer the simpler days of slot machines, Lucky 8 is your lucky tickets.

There are a couple of basic features available, however. You can choose to automatically spin the slots, which can save a bit of time and hassle. If you’re the more hands-on type, you can also utilize the skill stop feature and stop all nine reels at once for glorious, need-for-speed action.

Our Take on Lucky 8 Line

Lucky 8 Line reminds me of the slot machines my parents used to play when they were my age. It’s great for a bit of nostalgia, and it’s also great when I want to play a slot without trying to get used to a host of special features. Sometimes less is more after all.

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The Lost Island Internet Casino Slot Machine

While browsing one of the no deposit bonus bitcoin casinos looking for something new like free slots to play around with, I stumbled upon Lost Island. I thought it might have a pirate theme, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Characters and Theme

As it turned out, Lost Island was even better than the idea of pirates or something. As it turns out, the “plot” is that a band of explorers have discovered an ancient counting device on this mysterious island, created by an ancient tribe that no longer exists. The background and symbols all exist to create a tone of beauty and serenity, making this a little more calming than your typical video slot. Rather than pursue a hectic tone, this slot provides peaceful music to create a soothing experience.

The visual elements are also really appealing. The bright graphics offset a dark background, evoking mystery and discovery, and the icons all take the appearance of lost and ancient artifacts the likes of which Indiana Jones and Lara Croft dream of. The tone is unique and exciting, and definitely a good one for a video slot.

Playing and Betting

Lost Island is a five-reel slot that features a total of 20 pay lines, offering you plenty of ways to win. This is a pretty typical layout for Netent, but it works well. As usual, you can set your slot in a variety of ways, with ten different betting levels, 20 bet lines, six different coin values and accepted denominations from $0.01 to $0.50 (also available in euros and British pounds).

Lost Island Slot is designed with 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 20 pay lines, so you could consider this a Standard Netent slot layout. The winning lines are formed on pay lines running from left to right. This casino slot machine is designed for casual players rather than high rollers. A maximum bet of $100 will limit your yield, but there is still the potential to make a lot of money.
Special Features

A lot of people like Netent for the special features found in so many of their slots, and Lost Island is no exception. Found here are the typical wilds and scatters (which here offer free spins), as well as multipliers that can rack up your earnings. There is also a Free Spin mode, and ways to make your wilds either sticky or stacked. The wild symbol can substitute any but the scatter symbol to create winning lines, and they appear in both regular and free spin mode.

When you collect three scatter symbols anywhere on the reel, you activate the Free Spin mode. Lost Island offers 10 free spins for three scatters, 20 for four scatter and 30 for five scatters! That’s an awful lot of free spins! Even better, scatters continue to be add up even during free spin mode, which can lead to an incredible number of free spins – if you’re lucky enough!

The game also features multipliers, and are activated whenever the wild symbol appears. Each wild card acts as a x1 multiplier, and this number can add up to x5 with five wilds on the reel. This bonus will be applied to any winnings during that round, which could potentially be quite a bit of money!

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty fun and exciting video slot, and it really offers a lot of different features for your entertainment. I enjoyed the theme and the relaxing music, and I find myself coming back to this one a lot.

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The Koi Princess Online Casino Slot Review

Anime is all the rave these days, so it only makes sense that we’re going to see  casino video slots capitalizing on its popularity. For me personally, I’m not the biggest anime fan in the world, but I am always up for trying a new slot machine, and the beautiful graphics on this one stood out enough for me to give it a go.

What’s the Theme?

Koi Princess doesn’t follow a strictly anime theme, but it is firmly set in East Asian culture. Symbols such as dragons, fish, tigers and Chinese/Japanese artifacts are some of what you will enjoy. The best part of the theme is the Princess herself. Her animated sprite stands off to the left of the action, and she’ll cheer you on while you play and celebrate while you win, which is both cute and fun and definitely added to my enthusiasm. The oriental music was also pretty great, and the graphics in general were simply top-notch.

How to Play

This casino slot machine features five reels of three rows each, and feature a whopping 20 paylines. What is unusual about this game is that the individual player can’t actually control how many playlines are going to be activated at any given time. This is actually very exciting, because it added an extra element of uncertainty that I found intoxicating. Fortunately, Net Ent accounts for this by offering an extremely flexible denomination, which can range anywhere from 0.01 to 1.00. If you’re worried about too many paylines being activated at any given time, simply set your coins to a low figure and enjoy the ride. If you’re a high rolling man like Neil Diamond (hot damn!), set your bid to maximum and let the money flow in! With a bet of up to $200/£200/€200, you’re in line to win a lot of money here.

Special Symbols and Features

There are several bonus symbols that can unlock massive bonuses, free spins or extra modes of play. The wild symbol, a wave with the word ‘Wild,’ and can substitute any tile but for scatter and the bonus symbol. The scatter symbol and bonus symbol feature a smiling dragon with the word ‘bonus’ overlaid. If you are able to collect three or more bonus symbols on your reels, the screen changes and opens up to a whole bunch of awesome special bonus modes, many of which include guaranteed payouts!

Special events are triggered based on what order the bonus symbols happen to be in. Alternately, you can click on one of the koi fish to turn off the random features and select which bonus mode you will enter, although I think that ruins some of the fun.

One of the bonus plays is the 5-hit random feature, which gives you a guaranteed payout of five symbols, although the symbols are random. Another bonus feature is the Random Wild Random, which puts anywhere from four to nine wild symbols on the reels, practically assuring you of an awesome payout. The third special feature is Random Wild Reels, in which two-to-five reels become wild reels, a crazy way to play.

There is also a second set of three features that can be triggered. A Sure Win feature provides ten free spins with a guaranteed win on at least one of them. Wild Reels Free Spins adds ten free spins and wild symbols at random to each of the reels. Finally, the Coin Win, which is probably the best feature in the game, as it can add x15 or even x30 to your bet, leading you to winning a lot of money.

The Final Judgment

Koi Princess is some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing a online casino slot machine. It has a great design, great music, a lot of special features and the potential to win a lot of money. What more could you ask for?

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