Lucky 8 Line the Casino Slot Machine

We’ve all heard of magic eight balls and seen the fluffy dice in the window. We know that the number eight is sometimes heralded as a magic charm or good luck. I take no subscription to this stock, but that doesn’t mean the number doesn’t hold some sway, especially for anyone looking for a lucky draw. After all, lucky draws are what slots are all about. So let’s see if this slot is as lucky as it portends.

Lucky Theme

The Lucky 8 Line resembles theĀ old classic dutch casino slot machines named online slots, not only in the appearance of the virtual machine but also with the icons it employs: the classic fruits of strawberry and lemon, as well as melons, plums, lucky number 7s and bells. Anyone used to playing at an old slot machine in Nevada is going to feel right at home with this setup.

The appearance isn’t the only thing retro about this classic slot from Net Entertainment. Even the sounds are designed to be authentic, with all the classic noises and effects you’d expect from a machine in the early 90s. This is prime nostalgia country.

Betting and Playing Options

If you’re familiar at all with Netent, you know they specialize in providing a great diversity of accepted denominations, allowing you to bet as little or as much as you please. While you get to decide how much credit you want each coin to represent, you have to bet automatically on all of the playlines. Unlike some video slots, however, that feature up to 20 playlines, Lucky 8 keeps it simple with, well, eight paylines, meaning you don’t have to bet too much in order to win.

In addition to those eight paylines, Lucky 8 features nine different reels, and there is a lot of potential here to win some great cash, and that is never a bad thing. Because this is Net Ent, you can always choose between dollars, pounds and euros, which means that you can play almost anywhere.

Special Features

One of the things that stands out about Lucky 8 is that it’s actually really simple and down-to-earth. A lot of video slots today have a myriad of special features and bonuses which, while definitely exciting, can get a little confusing and even overwhelming at times. Lucky 8 keeps it simple and traditional, and in a way this is actually a really good thing, because it means you don’t have to jump through any hoops or earn a bunch of free spins just to earn some real cash. Having a large payout easily and readily accessible is a huge boon for Lucky 8, and it’s one of the things that keep people coming back. Not everyone wants to keep track of all those wild features, so if you prefer the simpler days of slot machines, Lucky 8 is your lucky tickets.

There are a couple of basic features available, however. You can choose to automatically spin the slots, which can save a bit of time and hassle. If you’re the more hands-on type, you can also utilize the skill stop feature and stop all nine reels at once for glorious, need-for-speed action.

Our Take on Lucky 8 Line

Lucky 8 Line reminds me of the slot machines my parents used to play when they were my age. It’s great for a bit of nostalgia, and it’s also great when I want to play a slot without trying to get used to a host of special features. Sometimes less is more after all.

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