The Koi Princess Online Casino Slot Review

Anime is all the rave these days, so it only makes sense that we’re going to see  casino video slots capitalizing on its popularity. For me personally, I’m not the biggest anime fan in the world, but I am always up for trying a new slot machine, and the beautiful graphics on this one stood out enough for me to give it a go.

What’s the Theme?

Koi Princess doesn’t follow a strictly anime theme, but it is firmly set in East Asian culture. Symbols such as dragons, fish, tigers and Chinese/Japanese artifacts are some of what you will enjoy. The best part of the theme is the Princess herself. Her animated sprite stands off to the left of the action, and she’ll cheer you on while you play and celebrate while you win, which is both cute and fun and definitely added to my enthusiasm. The oriental music was also pretty great, and the graphics in general were simply top-notch.

How to Play

This casino slot machine features five reels of three rows each, and feature a whopping 20 paylines. What is unusual about this game is that the individual player can’t actually control how many playlines are going to be activated at any given time. This is actually very exciting, because it added an extra element of uncertainty that I found intoxicating. Fortunately, Net Ent accounts for this by offering an extremely flexible denomination, which can range anywhere from 0.01 to 1.00. If you’re worried about too many paylines being activated at any given time, simply set your coins to a low figure and enjoy the ride. If you’re a high rolling man like Neil Diamond (hot damn!), set your bid to maximum and let the money flow in! With a bet of up to $200/£200/€200, you’re in line to win a lot of money here.

Special Symbols and Features

There are several bonus symbols that can unlock massive bonuses, free spins or extra modes of play. The wild symbol, a wave with the word ‘Wild,’ and can substitute any tile but for scatter and the bonus symbol. The scatter symbol and bonus symbol feature a smiling dragon with the word ‘bonus’ overlaid. If you are able to collect three or more bonus symbols on your reels, the screen changes and opens up to a whole bunch of awesome special bonus modes, many of which include guaranteed payouts!

Special events are triggered based on what order the bonus symbols happen to be in. Alternately, you can click on one of the koi fish to turn off the random features and select which bonus mode you will enter, although I think that ruins some of the fun.

One of the bonus plays is the 5-hit random feature, which gives you a guaranteed payout of five symbols, although the symbols are random. Another bonus feature is the Random Wild Random, which puts anywhere from four to nine wild symbols on the reels, practically assuring you of an awesome payout. The third special feature is Random Wild Reels, in which two-to-five reels become wild reels, a crazy way to play.

There is also a second set of three features that can be triggered. A Sure Win feature provides ten free spins with a guaranteed win on at least one of them. Wild Reels Free Spins adds ten free spins and wild symbols at random to each of the reels. Finally, the Coin Win, which is probably the best feature in the game, as it can add x15 or even x30 to your bet, leading you to winning a lot of money.

The Final Judgment

Koi Princess is some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing a online casino slot machine. It has a great design, great music, a lot of special features and the potential to win a lot of money. What more could you ask for?

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