The Lost Island Internet Casino Slot Machine

While browsing one of the no deposit bonus bitcoin casinos looking for something new like free slots to play around with, I stumbled upon Lost Island. I thought it might have a pirate theme, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Characters and Theme

As it turned out, Lost Island was even better than the idea of pirates or something. As it turns out, the “plot” is that a band of explorers have discovered an ancient counting device on this mysterious island, created by an ancient tribe that no longer exists. The background and symbols all exist to create a tone of beauty and serenity, making this a little more calming than your typical video slot. Rather than pursue a hectic tone, this slot provides peaceful music to create a soothing experience.

The visual elements are also really appealing. The bright graphics offset a dark background, evoking mystery and discovery, and the icons all take the appearance of lost and ancient artifacts the likes of which Indiana Jones and Lara Croft dream of. The tone is unique and exciting, and definitely a good one for a video slot.

Playing and Betting

Lost Island is a five-reel slot that features a total of 20 pay lines, offering you plenty of ways to win. This is a pretty typical layout for Netent, but it works well. As usual, you can set your slot in a variety of ways, with ten different betting levels, 20 bet lines, six different coin values and accepted denominations from $0.01 to $0.50 (also available in euros and British pounds).

Lost Island Slot is designed with 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 20 pay lines, so you could consider this a Standard Netent slot layout. The winning lines are formed on pay lines running from left to right. This casino slot machine is designed for casual players rather than high rollers. A maximum bet of $100 will limit your yield, but there is still the potential to make a lot of money.
Special Features

A lot of people like Netent for the special features found in so many of their slots, and Lost Island is no exception. Found here are the typical wilds and scatters (which here offer free spins), as well as multipliers that can rack up your earnings. There is also a Free Spin mode, and ways to make your wilds either sticky or stacked. The wild symbol can substitute any but the scatter symbol to create winning lines, and they appear in both regular and free spin mode.

When you collect three scatter symbols anywhere on the reel, you activate the Free Spin mode. Lost Island offers 10 free spins for three scatters, 20 for four scatter and 30 for five scatters! That’s an awful lot of free spins! Even better, scatters continue to be add up even during free spin mode, which can lead to an incredible number of free spins – if you’re lucky enough!

The game also features multipliers, and are activated whenever the wild symbol appears. Each wild card acts as a x1 multiplier, and this number can add up to x5 with five wilds on the reel. This bonus will be applied to any winnings during that round, which could potentially be quite a bit of money!

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty fun and exciting video slot, and it really offers a lot of different features for your entertainment. I enjoyed the theme and the relaxing music, and I find myself coming back to this one a lot.

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