What is so appealing about slot machines?

Slot machines have been around for years and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon. But what exactly is it that attracts so many players from all over the world to play these games? Occasional gambler Marcel from The Hague, Holland seems to have the answer, “Gokkasten, as we like to call slot machines, offer a moment away from your busy everyday life during which you can let go of all your worries.” Sounds like a good explanation. After all, life is getting more stressful by the minute and more and more people are struggling with burn-outs every day.

Innocent fun might be the answer

When we start looking at some popular slot machines, or gokkasten, we start to understand the appeal. Take DJ Wïld from ELK Studios for example. There’s an intro video that takes you along in the luxurious life of a successful DJ that spins records around the world. This appeals to the new dream of this generation; becoming a world famous DJ. Just by seeing the footage, you can fantasize away and in the meantime you get a chance to win amazing prizes. This particular slot even offers you the option to use a betting strategy which allows you to just lay back, enjoy and only leave your day dream once you hit a win.

Many themes for all interests

But of course, not every player is the same and not everybody wants to be a DJ. That’s why there are gokkasten for every interest. There are a lot of games with sport themes, food themes, Viking themes, Leprechaun themes and much more. A provider called Fugaso has even made two slots to mock Donald Trump and some fellow leaders and a slot about a dog that likes to get high. So it doesn’t matter what floats your boat, you will always find a game to your liking. Even if you are literally into boats. Nothing is bad enough, as long as it is legal.

Different types of slots

Besides the themes there are also differences in types of games. A great example of a provider that created slots of different kinds is NetEnt. Most of the offer is made up of regular gokkasten, but it also offers alternative games. Take for example Aloha, this game doesn’t have the famous slot machine rolls, instead it works with clusters. Enough adjacent symbols of the same kind generate a win at this game. And then there is Gonzo’s Quest, this game works with blocks that explode, and automatically trigger a respin, when there`s a win. Completely other games, like Jammin Jars by Push Gaming work almost the same as the popular Candy Crush. Which enables more people to identify with the game and deem it innocent.

Other benefits

Besides the possibility to dream about another life, playing slot games can actually provide you with that life. With very low bets, you can earn serious profits on a lot of gokkasten. Especially if these are jackpot slots. The prizes of these games are often quite high. Not to mention the prizes on progressive jackpots. These are games with a prize pool that is built by all players of the game worldwide, no matter the casino that they are playing at. The prizes of these progressive slots often go into several millions. But on the flip side, as there are more players trying to win the prize, the odds of you winning are also lower. That’s why it’s best to stick to slots with lower wagers and lower prizes in the beginning. You can always take more risks after becoming more experienced.

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